PACE Pilates (previously known as The Pilates Body-Arcadia) is dedicated solely to the private and semi-private approach to teaching Pilates exercise. We teach contemporary methods of Pilates exercise while being passionate about upholding the tradition and original principles of Joseph Pilates’ method. We believe this personalized focus is the best way to teach clients to join their mind and body and use this ingenious method of exercise to feel better, look better and function with better overall health. At PACE Pilates, we specialize in providing the unique pleasure of an hour of Pilates exercise to any individual—regardless of level, age,  injury or condition.

Pilates Adaptations & Corrective Exercise

Pilates-based exercise for degenerative spinal and joint conditions (usually related to aging) generally requires an indicated adaptation of typical Pilates protocol and/or classic repertoire exercises. This ensures a safe and effective session depending on the specific issue in the spine. Corrective exercise is effective and necessary for improving the body’s posture, muscular patterns and balance related to injury and long-time habits. It can be used in a Pilates session through creative exercise variations, precise teaching with the right knowledge and other therapeutic exercises and techniques.

The unique style of sessions taught at PACE uses these two concepts to allow any client to benefit from Pilates in a way that is appropriate for them as an individual and maximally improves their well-being. After many years of clients being referred to owner Lisa Bettini Moro and her staff for this specialized type of session, Lisa re-created her business in 2018 as PACE Pilates, based on this concept. Today, PACE Pilates is a one-of-a-kind space focusing on Pilates for injury and clients 55 years and over, as well as providing excellence in general Pilates for all levels, beginner to Master.

If you are a client being referred for an injury or condition, please call 602-538-5686 so we can best schedule you and program your session.