Studio Guidelines & FAQ2018-08-12T04:19:18+00:00
What is your cancellation policy?2018-08-15T23:44:47+00:00

We require 24 hours or more notice to cancel an appointment.  Any session or class that is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, will be subject to full payment.

Can I schedule regular/repeated timeslots?2018-07-26T22:07:05+00:00

Regular weekly timeslots may be given upon request based on availability for clients able to attend with regularity. See your teacher for availability. We are happy to reserve a regular timeslot for up to one month for clients absent due to vacation, surgery or other reasons.

Winter Visitors and Seasonal Clients Policy2018-08-10T03:13:12+00:00

We are happy to reserve a regular timeslot for up to one month of absence. Clients absent for longer than one month will be worked back into timeslots as close as possible to their preferences, after contacting their teacher with definite return plans and dates.

Those wishing to guarantee exact timeslots upon their return may do so by paying for those weekly appointment times during their absence. Please see Lisa for details.

What forms of payment are accepted?2018-07-26T21:55:11+00:00

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards

Is pre-payment required?2018-08-15T23:57:35+00:00

Yes.  Payment on file is required to reserve any time slot in our schedule.  A credit card will be required to reserve your first session.

If you are renewing a package, payment must be made on or before the last session of your prior package to continue reserving time slots.

What should I wear?2018-07-26T21:37:46+00:00

We suggest wearing any exercise attire you are comfortable in and that allows us to see your alignment clearly. We respectfully ask that clients choose apparel without zippers, buttons or other metal pieces as they can damage the equipment surfaces.

Do I need special shoes?2018-07-26T21:38:53+00:00

No. Pilates is performed barefoot in order to best train the feet and perform the exercises as safely as possible.

How long before I see results?2018-07-26T21:39:52+00:00

As with any activity, the more frequently you do it, the more conditioned you become. However, due to the focused nature of our sessions and the benefits of Pilates exercise in general, you will see and feel changes from even one time per week. We suggest you attend as much as you can according to what works best for your individual schedule and budget.